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Research & Development

Research & Development

Samhong Machinery Co.,Ltd. operates a R&D Center for product design and production technologies and other fundamental technologies related to shipbulding and nuclear power plants. Our outstanding researchers and designers at the R&D Center have successfully developed various new technologies.

– Develops new technology and products
– Researches the development for technologically
advanced products
– Develops V-type vessel engine auxiliaries with CNC control
– Creates Universal attachment of plano-miller
– Researches the development for ITER project
– Builds its R&D network through joint industry-academic research


Employee Welfare and Creates a Happy Workplace

life within its communuty. We help members of the community to have better lives and to share company’s economic success. Samhong machinery & EMC has built dormitories in the company as employee housing. In addition to the wellness and fun workplace for employee, we operates a fitness center with table tennis.