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Marine & Stationary Engine Parts – Medium Engine Crankcase
– Components for Large Engine
(Bed Plate, Frame Box and Cylinder Frame)
– High Speed Engine (V26/26)
STX Heavy Industries / Hyundai Heavy Industries / KIMURA
– 50DF(Dual Fuel)Engine Crankcase Wartsila-Hyundai
Compressor Parts – Compressor Frame, Baseplate and Flywheel Burckhardt Compression
Nuclear Energy Parts/Power Plant Parts/Water Conversion/Marine Plants Facility – Nuclear Energy Parts
(Tokyo Cask, Channel Cover, FM Bridge and Top Plate)
– Power Plant Parts(Adapter Housing)
– Water Conversion(Water Box and Inter Piece)
– Marine Plant(T-casting)
Doosan Heavy Industry
Machine Tool Parts
Industrial Machinery Parts & Vacuum Chamber
– Machine Tool Parts, Industrial Machinery Parts
(Bed, Column , Table, Saddle, Head and Rotary Table)
– Vacuum Chamber
Hyundai-Wia/Hanwha Machinery/Doosan Infracore/Jusung Engineering/SFA
Wind Power Generation Parts – Wind Power Generation Parts(HUB) Wind Power Generation Plant
High-Pressure Pump – Pump and Pump Bed Goulds Pumps/Hyosung
Steel Plant Parts – CGL Brush Scrubber(Erdemir)
– Frame and Deflector(Kawasaki)
– Pinch Roll threading Table
– Segment Facility
(Hadeed, Bsc, Imexsa and Cosipa)
– Horizontal Segment, straight Segment & etc.
POSCO/Hyundai Rotem